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Qeen Elizabeth II Country Park railway saciety.



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The construction of the track started in April 1994 with the laying of the track bed by contractors . In May 1994 the group, all volunteers under the supervision of Ed Armstrong - Countryside Officer for Wansbeck District Council set about laying the track. The volunteers, some are ex-miners, others, enthusiasts who liked to get their hands dirty, which was true, as we have very little in the way of railway tools, so 1000 tons of ballast had to be laid by shovels, and we had to improvise for other tasks.

Volunteers now operate the Passenger Railway Service from the Woodhorn Colliery Museum to the North End of the Queen Elizabeth II Country Park, near the Brewsters Woodhorn Grange Restaurant along 1 kilometer of track (5/8 of a mile). The trip takes approximately 20 minutes at a leisurely 7 to 10 miles per hour. At present our locomotive is on loan to the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Association while Woodhorn Colliery Museum is being redesigned. The "Man Riding" carriages were built by Allan's of Tipton to transport miners underground to the coal face, these were modified for our use, along with a canopy roof fitted to one of our carriages, which was constructed by students under the supervision of Northumberland College as a summer project.

The QEII Country Park Railway Society has set up an appeal to raise £15,000 to improve facilities for disabled passengers. This involves purchasing a specially adapted carriage that will carry wheelchairs and conform to Health & Safety requirements.

With a grant of £15,000 from the Wansbeck Sustainable Communities Fund, the Society has acquired a second locomotive, which was build by the German company SCHOMA to ferry supplies and equipment for use in the construction of the Channel Tunnel. Amazingly, it then saw service with the merchant navy, being used on a specially laid track on the deck of a ship reclaiming copper from a sunken vessel in the Irish sea.


Such was the height of the Woodhorn pit heap that an observation post was built on top of it. Because of the demands for coal during the Second World War, miners at Woodhorn and other pits had had to work a 6 day week throughout the war period. As the end of war approached men, understandably, started missing shifts and output dropped. To set an example 12 men from Woodhorn were charged with deliberately impeding production. Each man was found guilty and find £2. After the War and into the 1950's Woodhorn was a busy and productive pit and with the nationalisation of the mining industry the future looked bright. In 1957, 1,850 men were employed producing 3,600 tons of coal daily from 5 seams. But coal mining has always been a dangerous business and Woodhorn was no exception. On 2nd March 1951, two men (Jack Johnson, aged 48 and James Willis, aged 40) were killed by a roof fall, four other men were injured in the same accident. On 23rd January 1961, George Duddridge was killed by a massive fall of stone.

On 15th November 1966, all the men working underground at Woodhorn Colliery had to be withdrawn to the surface because smoke and gas from a huge fire at Lynemouth Pit was seeping through the escape airways linking the two mines. Normal working was resumed at Woodhorn one week later. The replacement of the steam winder with an electric winder (salvaged from Fenwick Colliery) in No 2 Winding House in 1975 marked the end of steam winding in the Northumberland. Throughout the 1970's coal production was confined to the lower and thinner seams and daily production had dropped to 1,100 tons. Output and manpower fell steadily and by the time closure came there were about 500 employees.

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Qeii Country Park

At its heart is a lake, a popular venue for fishing, canoeing and sail boarding.

There are fishing jetties and launching points for people with disabilities at various points around the lake.

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